Block Watch

The Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch Program is a community partnership involving neighborhood volunteers, law enforcement, and other community services. The program serves to make neighborhoods safer and more wholesome.  The purpose of Neighborhood Block Watch is to form a partnership among citizens, city services, and other community organizations in an effort to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood.

The goals of Block Watch are:

  • To assist in coordinating the efforts of members representing law enforcement, local government, and citizens into a cohesive effective force.
  • To serve as a catalyst to challenge neighborhood residents to accept their share of the responsibility for the overall quality of the life in their respective neighborhoods.
  • To work in partnership with the community to identify and address concerns affecting the integrity and well-being of their neighborhoods.

Block Watch participants:

  • Report suspicious persons and activities to the Toledo Police Department
  • Communicate with neighbors to know their habits and activities so you can notice out of the ordinary incidents and report such to the proper authorities.
  • Attend regularly scheduled block watch meetings.
  • Network information with other Block Watch members.

A Block Watch program in your neighborhood, whether it is high crime or not, will have many rewards for you and your family. Block Watch programs are known to instill a great sense of security and well being in a neighborhood, and reduce the fear of crime. As well, they create a greater sense of community and put the neighbor back in neighborhood. Block Watch programs also bring law enforcement and the community together as a team to reduce crime.

Some of the other benefits of Block Watch are:

  • Reducing the risk of being a crime victim: The risk is reduced because participants are taught how to take preventative measures that substantially decrease the likelihood of becoming a crime victim.
  • Being better prepared to respond to suspicious activity: Part of the block watch program is educating members in how to accurately and promptly report suspicious activity to law enforcement.
  • Greater access to criminal activity information: Block Watch programs are designed to keep participants informed about crime trends and patterns so they are better prepared to spot criminal activity and stop it in their neighborhood.
  • Posting of Block Watch signs: Criminals know that if a neighborhood has Block Watch signs posted, that neighborhood is not an easy target; the residents have taken the necessary steps to deter crime in their area and are on the lookout for crooks. Convicted burglars have reported avoiding neighborhoods that have a Block Watch.
  • Knowing your neighbors: Block Watch promotes getting to know your neighbors and their regular patterns so you will be able to recognize any activity that is out of the ordinary. This means that when you are away, you can feel secure that your property is being watched over by your neighbors.

For information on the Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch Program contact the Central District Station Community Service Officer at  (419) 936-3850 or contact the Scott Park Community Service Officer at  (419) 245-3366 or (419) 936-2992.