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Business Partnership Programs

The Toledo Police Department Business Watch Program is a community partnership involving businesses, law enforcement, and other community organizations and services. The program serves to actively reduce and prevent crime from negatively impacting businesses, their employees, their customers, and their community neighbors. By participating in a business watch, the following opportunities and benefits can be achieved:

  • Greater access to resources
  • Improved business as a result of a reduction in crime
  • Learn the latest and most effective crime strategies
  • Gain access to police data that allows for better strategic planning
  • Develop communication networks with other businesses for pertinent information sharing
  • Fosters a good working rapport with area law enforcement
  • Training and educational opportunities for owners, management, and employees 
  • Garner publicity and community goodwill for your establishment

The Toledo Police Department offers three types of business watch programs, and businesses are able to select the type of business watch program, or combination thereof, that meets their needs. 

  • Area specific business watch program – This program is geared toward businesses that are in a particular geographic location and are typically in close proximity to one another. For example, all the businesses in a strip mall may want to form a business watch so they can address the issues impacting the area where their businesses are located.
  • Issue specific business watch program – This program is geared toward specific businesses that face similar types of issues. For example, various businesses may have a problem with "theft from motor vehilces" occurring in their parking lots.
  • Business specific watch program – This program is geared toward specific businesses that are targeted as a result of the service or products they offer. For example, businesses that offer food delivery services may have concerns regarding their drivers becoming robbery victims as they make deliveries.

For more information about the Toledo Police Department Business Watch Program, please contact the Community Services Bureau at 419-245-1119.