ChiefKral2016 In Review
  Due to a high number of retirements in 2016, TPD saw its sworn personnel strength drop to lows which we haven’t seen in years. At one point in late 2016, we were below 590 sworn officers. Of the largest cities in Ohio, TPD continues to have the lowest per capita ratio of officers to citizens. That being said, your police department continued to serve the citizens of Toledo with honor and distinction.

 Thankfully, the citizens of Toledo voted to renew the 3/4% tax levy in November, which allowed us to keep on the rolls a basic class to help boost our numbers. The down side of this story is that even with our currently seated class, TPD is starting 2017 with fifteen officers less than in 2016. The 2017 budgeted class of forty new trainees will help immensely, but it is not enough. We are anticipating at least thirty-five to forty retirements in 2017. After 2017, we should see our retirements drop and our personnel numbers begin to rise. My goal is to have and maintain a minimum of 700 sworn officers.

  The City of Toledo, as well as many larger cities across the country, saw an increase in homicides. In 2015, Toledo had twenty-four homicides. In 2016, there were thirty-eight. However, this number reflects three people who succumbed from injuries inflicted, in some instances, decades earlier. Actually, in 2016, thirty-five individuals were murdered, which is an increase of 46%. While this is a large rise, Toledo’s homicide rate continues to be very low, comparatively.


  • Reported Robberies decreased 15% from 2015
  • Shooting incidents decreased 10% from 2015
  • Reported burglaries decreased 17% from 2015
  • Reported auto thefts decreased 20% from 2015
  • Reported thefts from autos decreased 15% from 2015
  In 2016, we surpassed the number of guns taken off the street in 2015. We continue to be very proactive, using hot-spot policing techniques and criminal intelligence statistical methods to identify where our scarce resources should be deployed. Moreover, we continue with the more traditional policing methods of felony and misdemeanor investigatory methods and undercover vice/narcotics operations. The officers’ hard work has paid off. When all major Uniform Crime Reporting categories are combined, even with the rise in homicides, Toledo will have at least a 5% to 7% reduction in reported UCR Part 1 crimes.

  TPD’s outreach to the community continues to be a priority of mine. I honestly believe Toledo leads the region in the varied ways in which we attempt to improve the relationships we have with the diverse neighborhoods in Toledo. Coffee with a Cop, Police in the Parks, S.T.R.I.V.E., Brains and Body, Safe-T-City, Chief’s Town Hall meetings, Mountain Mentors, and the Blue Lunch Specials are just but a few of the programs we provide to help Toledoans get to know their officers better.

  Formal complaints filed by citizens with Internal Affairs, against officers, are down 13%. I believe this is another example of how the culture is changing at TPD. Your officers are out there day-in and day-out putting bad people in jail. But, at the same time, they are conducting themselves in a respectful and professional manner.

 The country saw a dramatic increase in 2016 in the number of officers who have been killed in the line of duty, or simply executed as they sat in their vehicles. In-fact, there was a total of 138 officers killed in the line of duty, which is up 12% from 2015. Of those 138, 59 officers were killed by gunfire, which is up 64% from 2015. This is a very dangerous profession. However, I assure you the men and women of this department are there to protect and serve each and every person who lives in or visits Toledo.

 Most citizens of this great city have very little interaction with those brave men and women who have been sworn to protect them. I see the selfless acts and bravery these individuals perform every day, never asking for or seeking recognition, but from a sense of duty and obligation. In the coming year, I plan to showcase more of the positive things your officers are doing.   

 2017 begins my third year as your chief of police. While hectic and at times all-consuming, this has been the most fulfilling and satisfying experience I have ever had. I thank my maker every day for the opportunity to serve this community and the men and women, both sworn and civilian, which I have the pleasure of working with.

 I know there will be ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and ebbs and flows to work through, but I continue to be confident knowing that since TPD is a cutting edge, benchmark department, and is continually growing and learning, we will weather any adversity.  We have the best interest of our city at heart and are committed to working together to make Toledo a better, safer, and more welcoming community.


Chief George Kral

525 N. ERIE TOLEDO, OH 43604
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