coprs1C.O.P.R.S. is an online reporting system for citizens wanting to complete a crime report without having a police crew respond.  Only certain types of crimes can be reported online. Citizens can file police reports for incidents where police presence or evidence collection is not required.  The process will take you through step by step to ensure the incident meets the requirements for online reporting.  If a police crew is required please call the TPD non-emergency number at (419) 245-3340.  If there is an emergency please dial 911.  

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Some of the crimes that can be reported online using COPRS:

  • Criminal Damage/Criminal Mischief
  • Criminal Damage to Vehicle
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Telephone Harassment
  • Theft up to $1,000

Incidents that reach felony status and/or require police presence for evidence collection can not be complete using COPRS:

  • Thefts valued over $1,000
  • Breaking and Entering Businesses or Homes
  • Credit Card Theft or Fraud
  • Hate or Bias Based Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Stolen Vehicles or License Plates
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

Please check COPRS if you are unsure whether or not the incident can be completed online.  Here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions about COPRS.

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