Inspections are conducted at the Toledo Police Department Tow Lot, 198 Dura Ave.

Tow lot hours are 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday, 11AM-4PM on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.


Requirements of Golf Cart Inspections

To pass inspections golf carts must have the following:

·       Functional brakes

·       Brake lights (2)

·       Headlights (2)

·       Taillights (2)

·       Turn signals

·       License plate light

·       Horn

·       Brackets for front and rear license plate

·       Functional steering mechanism

·       Windshield

·       Windshield wipers

·       Rearview mirror

·       Tires (safe condition, 1/16 inch tread)

·       Seatbelts for the front seats

·       Proof of insurance



·       $25 inspection fee due at the time of inspection.

·       Golf carts and similar vehicles must be titled and registered in the State of Ohio. All associated fees apply. Documentation of a successful inspection must be submitted in order to obtain registration / license plates.



·       Operators must stay within the outlined districts within the City of Toledo.

·       The driver must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.

·       Children’s safety seat regulations must be followed.

·       All traffic laws apply.

525 N. ERIE TOLEDO, OH 43604
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