Everyday hundreds of motorists run red lights in Toledo and this creates a serious safety problem.

When traffic laws are disobeyed, drivers endanger themselves and others. Crashes occur when drivers speed up to "beat the light" in anticipation of the light changing to RED, instead of slowing down to make a safe stop. The Toledo Police Department has Red Light and Speed cameras throughout the city. Please view the map below for locations of the cameras.

  • The Red markers indicate a Red Light Camera.
  • The Blue markers indicate both Red Light and Speed Enforcement cameras.
  • The Green marker indicates a Speed Enforcement camera.

RedFlex Phone Number for Inquiries Concerning Citations: 1-877-847-2338

Toledo Police Red Flex Office: 419-245-3143

See a map of all the red light cameras.




525 N. ERIE TOLEDO, OH 43604
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