The Toledo Police Museum was fashioned from its inception with children in mind. It is our goal to pass on to our youth the rich history of the Toledo Police Department through exhibits that provide hands-on fun and encourage historical thinking skills.

The inside of the Museum is octagon shaped and on the walls, beginning to the left and following the natural flow of the building, is a timeline that highlights the events that shaped our department and our city. This offers students a clear sense of time from which they can begin to understand the relationships among events and draw conclusions from them.

We understand that historical thinking is advanced by hands-on activities. Among other things, the Museum offers a 1980’s Fingerprint Comparitor they can use to compare a latent fingerprint to a known sample. It is crude by comparison to the present AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) that automatically matches an unknown fingerprint against thousands of known and unknown prints in minutes.

The Museum offers several interactive exhibits along with interesting items unique to our history. We welcome you! And plan to stay for lunch! There is plenty of space for bus parking and we are located in beautiful Ottawa Park directly next door to a playground and the Liz Pierson Picnic Shelter. 

You can visit us online at: